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 We Stand for WORLD PEACE by Self-Expression in All Forms


Stage (1)

The creation of the Papavish OM Levinar ART / DESIGN / COLLECTIVE, a space that will facilitate Artist and Musicians with tools and machinery to develop their Ideas, Concepts Music and Brands for the Creation of Clothing lines and Merchandise based on there Artwork.

The creation of the Papavish OM Levinar ART / DESIGN / STUDIO space where Artist & Musicians can interact with and participate in the creation of their Brands. this studio will have the equipment to Reproduce the Artist works in a number of ways. From Open Editions, Poster Prints, Postcards, Stickers, Notebooks, to Limited Edition Fine Art Giclees, Signed and Numbered by the Artists.

The creation of a space the Papavish OM Levinar "ART / GALLERY / BOUTIQUE" a space that will feature all products created by the different artist members of the collective, a space that will create the right kind of environments for the artworks to be displayed in the most creative and alternative ways for both the enjoyment of the piece as an artwork as well as a product. This Art / Gallery / Boutique, will utilize the latest technologies to interact with customers thru Blogs and web pages and video interaction, where customers can access the latest products available.

Stage (2) 

The creation of a Digital Textile Industry in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to use as resource for printing all clothing lines develop by Artist, members of the collective. To offer Digital Printing Services for all Fashion Designers, to help them develop their own unique kinds of Fabric Prints.

The Development and Creation of a Network Marketing Based Architecture, where people who become members of the collective, they can become Independent Art Agents, where they can represent different Artist of the Papavish OM Levinar Collective, buy the different products offer at whole sale price, and earn a percentage of all the sales generated by them and by their team of Independent Art Agents.

Stage (3) 

The Development and Creation of a self-sustained multipurpose Multicultural Art Center/Studio where the creative pursuit of all disciplines of self-expression is encourage. A space devoted to the creation of multi-media projects to beautify our environment. We will be able to share our sources of information, our research and artwork. This studio will provide all people involved, the mental, physical, and spiritual space to express themselves in multiple disciplines of the Arts.  

The economic engine that will run the Multicultural Art Center/Studio will be the Digital Textile Industry, and the multiple brands and products created by Artists, Musicians,  and Designers members of the collective.

This is a project that I have been working on for the past 15 years, 
and the following represent a Manifesto of our Vision
something that has kept me centered and focus on what is important.


WE Stand for WORLD PEACE by Self-Expression in all forms.

Major Goals:

The Production of Multi-Media Art... The Study of socio-cultural environments. The sharing of our experience as travellers and multi-media artists through books, journals, traveling guides, videos, etc.


A self-sustained multipurpose Multicultural Art Center/Studio where the creative pursuit of all
disciplines of self-expression is encourage. A space devoted to the creation of multi-media projects to beautify our environment. We will be able to share our sources of information, our research and artwork. This studio will provide all people involved, the mental, physical, and spiritual space to express themselves in multiple disciplines of the Arts.

The Organization and execution of a Global Trek which will enable us to share ourselves as self-proclaimed envoys of Harmony, Awareness, Tolerance, and respect for all, with the diverse groups of people that make up the Human Family.

The sharing of our experiences with the Global Village through our work and writings
(i.e. PAPAVISH OM LEVINAR Magazine: a quarterly dealing with issues such as Globetrotting, Arts, Culture, Music, Dance, Sports, and Spiritual Development).

The publication of PAPAVISH OM LEVINAR Travel Guides, where alternative possibilities for world travel are described in detail.

The active pursuit of our interests in Sports, Culture, Music, Dance, Multi-Media Arts and Crafts, History and Spiritual Growth.

To Sponsor globetrotting within the PAPAVISH OM LEVINAR language,
i.e. the globetrotter will research his/her area of interest, will design his/her travel route, execute it and then bring back his/her experience and translate it onto a concrete form through documenting in the form of writings, videos, music, etc.

To Sponsor the beautification of interior/exterior architectural man/made structures with Art.

To invest in creating alternative forms of education through self-expression.
The creation of the PAPAVISH OM LEVINAR Road; an alternative global support network for travelers/artists/explorers; that would function on the basis of "sponsorship" by other artists in respective countries (i.e. with food/lodging and/or transportation in exchange for artwork).


A Collective of Artists and Designers united to show people that it is possible to reach 
a sense of harmony on a Global level through creative expression in all forms, 
and for the creation of spaces where this is encourage.

and it is our School of Thought, Art, Culture, and Spiritual Awareness.

It is a place where one learns about respecting all human beings for who they are; 
believing in everyone for the possibility they are as human beings.

We Stand For Harmony, Tolerance, Understanding, Awareness and Compassion.

We are committed to the idea that every human being, no matter what their race,
color, gender, age, and creed, or sexual orientation, is capable of growing in Mind, Body and Spirit.

We endorse the experience of traveling for the development of an inter-cultural awareness, 
for a higher understanding of the links between the Human Family, each human being is unique 
and yet no different.

We want to experience and share the human evolutionary process to help unfold a New Age.

We itch with a need for:

Change + Alternatives + Empowerment 
+ Positive Attitude = Peace

We are Peaceful Warriors on the Quest for Universal Harmony

Life = Expression = Creation = PAPAVISH OM LEVINAR

As Artists, we play with the concepts of good and joy, and combine them in the crucible of artistic expression. Our individual goals will be reached through our personal/spiritual/artistic development. As we develop so will PAPAVISH OM LEVINAR. Our efforts are always to endorse the possibility of Global Peace, the final integration of the Human Family.


This physical space will serve as a Multi-cultural art Center and Music studio,
a learning center, gallery, cultural resource.

It will be the first of a number of such spaces devoted to a Holistic approach to life.

We are an educational entity in that We seek to teach and learn.

We have found that positive exchanges of information are needed as the basis for an understanding that leads to a heightened sense of personal awareness. Through the development of a language, a conversation that is based on honesty, trust, and clarity, a higher consciousness is reached and a positive experience for the individual and those around him/her takes place.

We have no formal religious ties to any specific sect or church yet ours is a Spiritual Quest; 
where individuals are free to choose any spiritual doctrine.

We have no political ambitions, yet We understand that what We are doing can only happen 
in an environment that is fundamentally democratic.

We are looking for our roots as members of the Human Race. As visionaries We see human 
beings as potential Creative Entities; as Teachers and Healers of the Planet.

PAPAVISH OM LEVINAR is an experiment in living in Awareness and in seeking
to fill the planet with beautiful and uplifting works that reflect the greatness
of the human condition.

We believe in the dignity of our Kind.

Ours is a life-long journey in which we seek to unite with all the creative minds in the name of 
Peace in Our World, to join forces with all the souls that, like us, want to create a better reality.

This is what


is all about.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Meaning of Papavish OM Levinar... Act, CREATE, Put-Out... by AR•JEI•EM•SI

In the year 1998, the artist known as AR•JEI•EM•SI, had a chance meeting with destiny ...

At that time; as part of some courses for personal development, the artist AR•JEI•EM•SI, heard of a Colombian Boy, who is a Medium and was going to give a lecture about Re-incarnation, and past lives. First of all, what attracted me to the lecture was the fact that was going to be given by Zahiro, a (7) years old Colombian Boy, Second, that He is a Medium, who was taught by his parents; who are also Mediums, to communicate with spiritual energies since he was in his mother's womb.

It goes without saying that the conference was FANTASTIC, it was a clear example of how energy is channeled by a medium, the child was being channeled by spiritual energies, which dictated the lecture to the child, been the transmitter of that information. The content of the lecture was most impressive, because this child was able to answer, many questions that I have been formulating over the years of my research into the Phenomena of Re-incarnation and past lives.

I was so impressed with the information revealed! That I felt an urge to go and Thank Him. He was signing autographs and had not lifted his eyes to see what was going on around him, and as I stare and study in amazement his every move... suddenly, as if he had been given a little tap in the shoulder, moving his head slightly to the left as one who listens to a "secret" looks at Me straight in the eyes and smiles ... the most Beautiful of Smiles that anyone has given me... immediately continuing with what he was doing of signing autographs ... When I finally came to Him, and thank him for all the knowledge he has given Me. He Thanks Me for my Gratitude ...
and then Said that he has "Various Entities" that wanted "Him" to give Me, a “Message” and He writes down in a card the Words…

"Papavish OM Levinar"

I ask him what it was...
and He replied that it was... My Personal Mantra
What should I be Doing ... in Order for Me to Do what I Wanted to Do in Life...

and I ask him, what it meant? And he said it means…

"Actua, CREA, Plasma" / "Act, CREATE, Manifest"

After getting this information so valuable, I began a series of experiments with the image of a self-portrait and then alter it in PHOTOSHOP. The results of these experiments ended in the beginning of my most intimate relationships with PHOTOSHOP and the beginning of the current technique used to CREATE my images.

This first image, I integrated Words Papavish OM Levinar… Actua, CREA,Plasma… Act, CREATE, Put-Out… and this became my first piece of Street Art. Ten years later I began with this Image the Street Art Movement of Papavish OM Levinar by AR•JEI•EM•SI.

It is an attempt by the Artist to share an amount of work that he had been working over a period of 10 years without showing it to no-one. This is the image that is in the front of this Group (yellow to red and orange, with the hand in the middle of the face). This image was created in 2000 and it was not until 2007 that began in my first run of Stickers that were printed as Vinyl Stickers; about 800 of various sizes (18) of them to 17 "x21"

And thus beginning the Street Art Movement of Papavish OM Levinar by AR•JEI•EM•SI.

One way in which the Artist has been able to share Larges amount of work he had done, this series of images that I share with the audience are identified with the Papavish OM Levinar, with the intention of putting my Artwork on the Street, and although there are a multiplicity of images that I have at my disposal, I can unified them under the slogan Papavish OM Levinar… Act, CREATE, Manifest… as a way of inspiring people to Act, Create and Manifest.

During that time I was living in el Yunque (National Rain forest) with my dogs during a period of 8 years, creating the vast majority of the images I have. But,

three years ago I had a life experience that forever change who I am... On July 4th, 2006, at three different times during the day, I was so close to being murdered in my own house, nothing did happened to me and the only explanation that I can come up with is of having a “Divine Intervention” thanks to the countless prayers from my mother to San Judas Tadeo, My Mothers’ Patron... nothing happened to me.

But this experience made me See the “Wrong Paths” I had chosen in order for Me to Do what I wanted to do in my life, and I realized that if I had DIED that day, (July 4, 2006), nobody would had ever known that I was a Great Artist... and that thought fill me with So much Sadness that it activated from the depth of my Soul, the

Papavish OM Levinar… Act, CREATE, Manifest…

So I started documenting all my Work, Sketchbooks, Paintings, Photos, all my life ... and I have been putting them in the Street as installations of Stickers, and Posters ...

this kind of "Bombing" have caused Me a series of “frictions” with the authorities, so I have been pasting up Paper Bags, and Recycled Boxes; these are "Props" that I use to move from place to place my product Clothing Lines, Stickers, Posters ...

what I will be doing Next,

I have a lot of footage of all my Street Art Installations, both in film and photography that I will editing into short films for Broadcasting to the World!

Papavish OM Levinar... Actua, CREA, Plasma… Act, CREATE, Manifest…

El Significado de Papavish OM Levinar (Actua, Crea, Plasma) by AR•JEI•EM•SI

Para el año 1998 el Artista conocido mejormente como AR•JEI•EM•SI, tuvo un encuentro con el destino...

Para aquella época como parte de unos cursos de mejoramiento personal, el artista AR•JEI•EM•SI, se entero de una charla de un muchacho Colombiano que es Medium y que iba a estar presentando una conferencia sobre las Re-encarnaciones, las vidas pasadas, y los planos espirituales. Para empezar, lo que me atrajo a la conferencia fue el hecho de que iba a ser dirigida por Zahiro, un niño Colombiano de 7 años de edad, Segundo, que es Medium, y que fue enseñado por sus padres que también son Medium, a como comunicarse con energias espirituales desde que estaba en el Vientre de su Madre.
Por mas decir que la conferencia, estuvo fantástica, fue un ejemplo clarisimo de como la enegia es canalizada por los Medium, el niño estaba siendo canalizado por energias espirituales, que le dictaban la conferencia y el niño transmitia la información. El contenido de la información es lo mas impresionante, porque este niño pudo contestar con su conferencia, muchas preguntas que yo venia formulando desde hace varios años con el estudio del tema de la Re-encarnacion y Vidas pasadas. Yo quede tan impresionado con la información revelada! Como que senti una urgencia de ir a darle las gracias. El se encontraba firmando autógrafos y no habia levantado su mirada para ver a su alrededor, yo seguia observando cada movimiento que hacia... y de repente, como si le hubieran dado una tocadita en el hombro, se mueve la cabeza un poquito para la izquierda como quien escucha "un secreto" y luego me mira directamente a los ojos, y Sonrie... la mas hermosa de las sonrizas que en algun momento haya tenido que precensiar...inmediatamente despues continuando con lo que estaba haciendo de firmar autógrafos...

Cuando finalmente llego ante el, y le doy las gracias por todo el conocimiento ofrecido en su discurso.
El me da las gracias a cambio de mi gratitud... Luego me dice que tiene "Varias Entidades" que quieren
que "El" me de un Mensaje, y me escribe en una tarjeta de presentacion suya...

"Papavish OM Levinar"

yo le pregunto que es...

y el me contesta que es Mi Mantra Personal...

Lo que tengo que estar haciendo...
para poder hacer lo que quiero hacer en esta vida...

y le pregunto, pero que significa ?

Y el me responde, significa...

"Actua, Crea y Plasma"

Luego de obtener esta información tan valiosa, empeze una serie de experimentaciones con la imagen de un autoretrato y luego empeze a alterarlo en Photoshop. El resultado de esos experimentos terminaron en el comienzo de mi relación mas intima con Photoshop y el comienzo de la technica que actualmente utilizo para la creación de mis imagenes. Esta primera imagen le integre las palabras Papavish Om Levinar (actua, crea y plasma) y esa se convirtio en mi primera Obra de Street Art.

Diez años mas tarde comenze con esta Imagen La Campaña de Street Art de AR•JEI•EM•SI,con la cual trato de enseñar y compartir con el mundo el arte que durante diez años mantuve
muy intimamente conmigo sin enseñarselos a nadie.

Esta primera imagen se convirtio en la imagen con la cual e comenzado mi intervenciones a manera de Stickers, esta imagen es la que esta en la portada de este Blog (Amarilla con rojo y naranja, con la mano en medio del rostro) esta imagen fue creada en 2000 y no fue hasta el 2007 en enero que comenze mi primera tirada de Stickers, Se imprimieron en Vinyl de Exteriores alrededor de 800 Stickers de varios tamaños (18) de ellos a 17"x21"

Y así comenzo el street art movement de Papavish OM Levinar una forma por la cual el artista ha podido compartir unas cantidades de trabajo que habia hecho pero nunca habia enseñado a nadie, esta serie de imagenes que comparto con el publico las identifico con el Papavish OM Levinar (Actua, CREA, Plasma) con la intencion de poner mi trabajo artistico en la calle, y a pesar de que hay una multiplicidad de imagenes, que tengo a mi disposición las puedo unificar en un mismo concepto bajo el lema de Papavish OM Levinar (Actua, CREA, Plasma) como forma de inspirar a la gente a Actuar, Crear y Plasmar.

estos son parte de una coleccion de trabajos que durante un periodo de 10 años estuve desarrollando, a nivel bien underground y nunca se las habia enseñado a nadie. Estuve viviendo en el Yunque con mis perros durante un periodo de 8 años, creando la gran mayoria de las imagenes que tengo.

Hace cuatro años atras, tuve una experiencia de vida que cambio para siempre quien yo soy...

un dia como un 4 de Julio del 2006,

en tres momentos diferentes del día estuve tan cerca de haber sido acesinado, en mi propia casa, que la unica explicación que tengo es de haber tenido una intervencion divina, gracias a las inumerables plegarias de mi madre con San Judas Tadeo, El Santo de mi Madre... a mi no me paso nada.

Pero esta experiencia me dio a ver los caminos erroneos que habia escogido para yo hacer lo que queria hacer, y me di cuenta que si yo hubiera muerto ese dia un (4 de Julio del 2006), nadie se ubiera enterado de que yo fui un gran artista... y ese pensamiento me lleno de tanta tristeza, que Activo de mis Profundidades, el Papavish OM Levinar...(Actua, Crea y Plasma) y me puse a documentar todo mi trabajo, pinturas, sketchbooks, photos, en fin (Toda mi Vida)... y las he estado poniendo en la calle a manera de Instalaciones de Stickers, Posters y dibujos que voy poniendo y dibujando por ahi...

esta clase de "Bombing" me ha causado una serie de fricciones con las autoridades, que e tenido que estar paquinando Paper Bags, y Cajas Recicladas, estos son unos props que utilizo para mover de un lado a otro mis lineas de productos, Stickers, clothing lines...

Lo proximo que estare haciendo...
tengo un monton de footage, de todas mis instalaciones, en film y fotografia que voy a convertir en pequeños shortfilms y los estare Broadcasting to the World!


The Adventures of Papavish OM Levinar... Actua Crea y Plasma... Act, Create, Put-Out...